For Real Estate Agents: Benefits of Partnering with Landrum Loans

Michael Landrum and Landrum Loans have been providing mortgages for borrowers for years. Many of our clients find us through referrals and through the web. But many others are recommended to us by Real Estate Agents just like you.

We know from experience how many lenders likely compete for your attention. But your lender recommendation is a considered a part of your customer service – it’s important that you:

  • Have a lender that is going to support your real estate business.
  • Recommend a lender that will get the job done.

Your ability to profit from a home sale is dependent on borrowers being able to find loans that they need. We at Landrum Loans are truly dedicated to working tirelessly, day and night, to help your client find a loan that meets their financial needs while helping them close on time. We are frequently contacted by borrowers – and their agents – who have partnered with other lenders only to have them fall short. We will always go the extra mile to support your client, helping them obtain a mortgage and guiding them through the process with personalized service that will reflect well on you.

We also want to help the agents we partner with thrive. That’s why we offer additional support, including:

  • Promotion of your real estate business on our social media and other websites.
  • Tools that you can use to help your borrower start their loan and get a prequal letter.
  • Partnerships on things like marketing materials, to promote both of our businesses and attract new clients.

These are only some of the many benefits of choosing to partner with Landrum Loans. We are currently looking for connections with real estate agents in California, Texas, Colorado, and Arizona, and are happy to chat with you at any time to get to know each other and show you why we are ready to be there for your buyers.