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El Dorado Hills is one of the most popular suburbs in all of Sacramento. It is best known for its schools, its deep sense of community, and its property sizes. EDH has been on list after list of the best places to live in Northern California for years, attracting buyers not only from Folsom, Sacramento, and Elk Grove, but also from San Francisco, Santa Cruz, and much of the Bay area.

But it can be hard to move here. Desirable properties sell fast and often receive a lot of offers. That is why it is so important to have an El Dorado Hills mortgage lender that is able to ready to prequalify you for a mortgage and help you close on your loan quickly, so that you are able to make your offer even more competitive and close on a home that matches your family’s goals. Offering both residential and commercial mortgage lending in El Dorado Hills, Landrum Loans can help you qualify for the best possible loan at the lowest interest rate available, and help you understand the mortgage process so that you’re as informed as possible from beginning to end.

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Why Choose Landrum Loans – Mortgage Loan Originator in El Dorado Hills?

Navigating the mortgage lending market in El Dorado Hills is a challenge. Getting the lowest rate possible can be even more difficult, especially at today’s rates. Every percentage point matters, and obtaining the best rate on a mortgage for an EDH property requires a lot of paperwork, a lot of connections, and the ability to manage multiple channels to identify where the best rate might be and how to get favorable terms for your new property.

Landrum Loans is based right here in El Dorado Hills. We understand both the area and what is needed to get the right mortgage loan. As a loan originator in Northern California, we work with multiple mortgage brokers and direct lenders to find you a loan that matches your budget and your financial status, and we can provide feedback that will help you improve upon your loan if needed to get a house in today’s market.

We also care about service. Mike will text and call you personally, any time you have any questions. His team is working at all hours of the day to make sure that you’re able to close on time, and always with the loan that you expect – one that is fair to you in every way.

What to Know About the El Dorado Hills Housing Market: 2022

El Dorado Hills has always been a surprisingly hot housing market – one that has outperformed most of the Greater Sacramento area. But, starting in 2022, the desirability of EDH exploded. People were moving from all over, and properties here became more competitive than they have ever been – even more so than nearby Folsom, which was once the most desirable place to live in the region.

The entire housing market has slowed ever since interest rates started to increase, but El Dorado Hills remains particularly competitive. Many properties are selling for 40% or more above what they were in 2022, and even at these newer prices, people continue to look to EDH first to see what is available. For buyers that want to move to this area, or anywhere in El Dorado County, you can still find a property that meets your goals.

Why Choose to Live in El Dorado Hills?

There are many reasons that El Dorado Hills has become such a popular location for those interested in buying a home. The best way to understand what makes this area so desirable is to see it for yourself, as there are many activities both in EDH and nearby along with a great community to become a part of. Some of the many reasons that people choose to move to EDH include:

  • Safety – El Dorado Hills is considered one of the safest suburbs in all of California, with a very low violent crime and property crime rate. Many homeowners take late night walks and bike rides (but wear a light and bright clothing, because there are not many streetlights) and, depending on where you live, you may find that your neighbors even feel safe enough to leave their doors unlocked.
  • Community Events – El Dorado Hills has a lot of community events, including those at the Community Services District (CSD) and town center.
  • Great Schools – Most people learn about El Dorado Hills because of its school system, as the vast majority of schools in the region (including pre-schools all the way to high school) are rated a 9 or 10.
  • Things to Do – El Dorado Hills is largely residential, but it is not without its activities. The El Dorado Hills Town Center has a lot of stores, shops, and restaurants, many of which are open late. There are also several business centers and shopping areas peppered throughout the town. There are also plenty of hikes and walking/biking areas here.
  • Proximity to Other Areas – Even though there are many activities in El Dorado Hills, there are many more things to do within a very short drive. Folsom, which is just one exit away, is quickly becoming its own major city with countless shopping areas, restaurants, parks, pools, and more. Sacramento is not far away, and even South Lake Tahoe is only about an hour drive.

EDH is a beautiful place to live, and the community cares about keeping it that way. It is considered very family friendly, and many of those that move here end up living here for life or moving back at a future date.

Things to Do in El Dorado Hills

Although El Dorado Hills is primarily a residential area, it still has plenty to do even without leaving the town’s borders. We mentioned the Town Center, which has many small local businesses and restaurants, along with a movie theater and fun shops. You can also visit places that include:

  • Folsom Lake
  • Promontory Community Park
  • El Dorado Hills Community Services District Public Pool
  • Mraz Brewing Company

If you’re willing to go on a short drive, Folsom has much more of a commercial district, and you can find plenty of activities including:

  • Folsom Lake Bowl
  • Folsom Zoo Sanctuary
  • Sutter Street
  • Rainbow Bridge
  • Castle Park, and More

Both Folsom and El Dorado Hills have a lot of family parks, trails, and ways to enjoy the outdoors. The El Dorado Hills Town Center is also home to numerous city and county events, including farmer’s markets, car shows, and antique shows.

Popular Restaurants in El Dorado Hills

El Dorado Hills has many great restaurants. Although many of them are located in or near the town center, you can also find a few up north on El Dorado Hills Blvd near Green Valley and Francisco. Some of the popular local restaurants include:

  • Sienna Restaurant
  • Milestone Restaurant
  • Aji Japanese Bistro
  • Selland’s Market Café
  • Purple Place Bar and Grill

If you’re new to the area, you should also see some of the restaurants in Folsom, including Samuel Horne’s Tavern, Curry Club, and The River Thai. Zocalo, Bober, and many Sacramento favorites have also opened up stores here.

Loans to Consider for El Dorado Hills Housing

El Dorado Hills properties are above the Sacramento average. As an affluent area, there are also many larger homes available that may not qualify for some low down payment loans, like the FHA loans or the 3% conventional mortgages. But FHA has increased its maximums considerably, and many homes can still be found under the FHA maximum for a high cost region.

For higher priced homes that are outside of the FHA and VA loan limits, you may need to apply for a jumbo loan. Jumbo loans are conventional, non-conforming loans. They typically, although not always, require somewhere between 10% down and 30% down depending on the terms and the cost of the property. But that will depend on the type of loan, your income level, the cost of the home, and many other factors. That is why we encourage you to contact Landrum Loans for a more personalized discussion.

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Not only do we help people with El Dorado Hills mortgage lending – we are also based here. EDH is a great area, perfect for those that work from home, commute, or want an amazing place to raise a family. Landrum Loans can also provide commercial lending for those hoping to purchase a property in the area. Contact Landrum Loans today to learn more. We can start a discussion without even running your credit, and just get an idea of what you are looking for and what kind of house you can buy.